SMARTASSISTANT Guided Selling lets you
create rewarding customer experiences

Help shoppers choose with SMARTASSISTANT the leading Omni-commerce Guided Selling Technology

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Personalized shopping

Not all shoppers are experts and know exactly what they want as they browse your store.

With SMARTASSISTANT, you can engage shoppers in an interactive conversation that adapts to the individual shopper dynamically.

Ask need-oriented questions in your shopper's everyday language to suss out wants, needs, intended usage, and preferences, and to understand what they really want and need.

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Integrated information

SMARTASSISTANT integrates contextually relevant information right at your shopper's fingertips.

Educate, point out latent needs, explain individual product benefits, and increase the average order value through up selling and cross selling.

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Smart recommendations

After each interaction, the SMARTASSISTANT Shopper-Product Matching engine narrows down the list of products according to the shopper's individual needs.

And whenever there's no 100% match, SMARTASSISTANT displays close product alternatives. Your shoppers never have to leave with an empty result.

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Transparent recommendations

SMARTASSISTANT explains why a product was suggested and lets your shoppers compare products in the integrated side-by-side product comparison overview to help them make informed purchase decisions.

SMARTASSISTANT also integrates with your favorite technology solutions, such as product ratings, consumer reviews or other functionalities that build trust and increase your shopper's confidence.

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Seamless purchase path

SMARTASSISTANT product advisors are fully responsive and can be integrated on your various touchpoints online or in the store.

Create smoother and fluid shopping experiences on your shoppers' multiple devices and help them choose products they'll love.

Solution overview

Benefits for businesses and shoppers


Conversion rate

in sales

all touchpoints

Up to 10%
reduction in


Create interactive product advisors,
product selectors and product wizards with ease

SMARTASSISTANT Platform is the first cloud-based, enterprise-class Guided Selling solution.
You can quickly build and launch your own interactive sales and customer support agents in no time!

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Our clients say it best

SMARTASSISTANT provides us with a powerful platform and lots of benefits out of the box. The dynamic decision engine was very easy to configure, enabling us to see results quickly. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, we were able to translate the interactive advisors into multiple languages and integrate them on over 50 of our country websites.
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas
EMEA Marketing Strategy Director, Canon Europe Ltd.
We care a lot about sharing real advice with the moms and dads that come to our store, and we wanted to manage it on our own. SMARTASSISTANT provides a solution which lets us do just that. We find the backend interface very easy to use too and our interactive product advisors can be changed or updated by us without any fuss - especially, without touching source code.
Esti Barker
Esti Barker
Creative Marketing Director, PishPoshBaby
SMARTASSISTANT is a great tool to communicate our brand-specific product benefits, increase our shoppers' purchasing confidence, and up-sell. We've generated increased revenues by up to 43% where shoppers used our product advisors.
Gunther Hahn
Gunther Hahn
Director E-Commerce, Medion
SMARTASSISTANT is flexible, powerful, and yet, still easy to use. Our product advisors add great value to our customer's online experience and support our vision of becoming "The Obvious Choice" for them.
Ole Vinje
Ole Vinje
CEO, Komplett Group
As an international brand it’s important for us to rely on a global solution that is still flexible enough to work across our different sales channels, country organizations and of course in multiple languages.
Stephan Waldeis
Stephan Waldeis
Head of E-Business, AL-KO Kober SE