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Revolutionizing the way people make decisions

We deliver the technology and solutions to help people make better decisions - need-oriented, educational, and human-friendly.

SMARTASSISTANT gives businesses the necessary tools to quickly build interactive digital advisors for more fluid, meaningful, and personal customer interactions.


Fast, personal and intelligent decision support

Our mission is to help people make smarter decisions effortlessly.

People make 1,000's of decisions per day. Whenever there are too many options, making a decision becomes overwhelming.

Living in a world in which information is anything but scarce, making a decision can quickly get mentally draining. People fear the risk of making the wrong choice.

Considering the rapid digitization of our lives, this problem will only increase.

With SMARTASSISTANT, we want to offer a way out to ease the burden of decision making in a steadily growing amount of domains at different touchpoints and in a fast, reliable as well as intelligent way.

Making Digital Advice ubiquitous

We aim to provide the leading technology necessary to create a world with ubiquitous access to digital advice.

Our technology makes product information and service offers easily accessible for everyone regardless of location.

We invest our resources into developing innovative approaches that reduce the total cost of ownership of Digital Advice solutions and gradually apply our technology in different contexts, domains, languages, and forms.

And because innovation is at the very heart of our business, we constantly seek ways to enhance and improve our technology. Currently, our Research team is all excited about "Learning advisors" and "Advisor Automation".

Powering leading companies

The SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice Suite is the market-leading solution for interactive Digital Advice solutions.

Started in 2006, SMARTASSISTANT is the preferred solution for businesses of all sizes across all industries - all around the world.

They use SMARTASSISTANT to offer digital advice in more than 100 domains and categories and in over 35+ languages.


SMARTASSISTANT is the market-leading technology for Digital advice solutions.

It's a flexible, complete, and powerful solution that helps businesses and customers alike:

With SMARTASSISTANT, you can create smart digital advisors to share your expert advice much quicker and people can immediately receive the support they need to make more confident and smarter purchase decisions.

Now that's a win-win.



At our company, you'll get to know open-minded, genuinely caring professionals from different walks of life.
SMARTASSISTANT is growing quickly and we're always looking for smart, creative people to join our team and share the excitement.

Interested? Give it a shot!

Join our Team

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"To be successful here, people need to be good problem-solvers. There are various business cases and hurdles that you will face here, so being able to adapt and think creatively and analytically will help you succeed."

 Team - Heidi

"What I love about the culture here at SMARTASSISTANT is the opportunity we have to learn and the incredible support we receive from each other."

Team - Ted

"Being part of an international team, working with colleagues with an open-door and open-ear-policy, enjoying the flexibility, autonomy and freedom to act on your own initiative ... there are many reasons that make this company a great place to work!"

Team - Ada

"Ambitious tasks, friendly environment, and what is the most important: great people."

 Team - Jagoda

Our Clients

As the global de facto standard for Digital Advice, many businesses rely on SMARTASSISTANT to implement a sustainable Digital Advice strategy.

Being around since 2006 and working with companies of all sizes and industries, we can draw on a wealth of experience. This allowed us to develop and continously extend the first enterprise-class technology for Digital Advice solutions. 

The SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice Suite comes with an intuitive interface that lets you build and optimize digital advisors quickly. 

SMARTASSISTANT is ideal for any company and anyone who understands the power that lies in "helping people choose".

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