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SMARTASSISTANT is the market-leading solution for interactive Guided Selling solutions.
Started in 2006, SMARTASSISTANT today is used by multiple global businesses of all sizes and industries - in more than 100 product categories and in over 35 languages.

The solution is ideal for any company that understands the power that lies in "helping shoppers choose" and wants to create more personalized and hassle-free shopping and choosing experiences.

Changing the way people shop

We develop SMARTASSISTANT, the market-leading technology for Guided Selling solutions and interactive product advice. It's a flexible, complete and powerful solution that helps businesses and shoppers alike:

With SMARTASSISTANT, businesses can create Guided Selling solutions to share their expert advice much quicker and shoppers can receive helpful and immediate support to make more confident and smarter purchase decisions. That's a win-win.

And, we have a bold vision for the future:

Our technology makes product information and service offers easily accessible for everyone from everywhere. We invest our resources into developing innovative approaches that reduce the total cost of ownership of Guided Selling solutions and gradually apply our technology in different product ranges, languages, and forms.

We are driven by our mission to help people make better decisions and work on solutions
that make a difference for many people. "Helping people choose products they'll love" inspires us to work on turning a bold vision into reality.
Markus Linder
Managing Director, Co-Founder

Who we are

At SMARTASSISTANT, you'll meet open-minded and genuinely caring professionals from many different walks of life.
We are growing fast and always looking for talented, ambitious and smart people
who are ready to make things happen.

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SMARTASSISTANT Guided Selling is the first and most complete, enterprise-class technology for interactive product advice solution.



Embedded in an ecosystem of best-of-breed e-commerce solutions, SMARTASSISTANT
can be extended and integrates with the tools and services you already use.



The SaaS solution has an intuitive interface that removes complexity for you and your team and runs on super fast servers in the cloud.



Having many large clients and serving hundreds of customers per minute, SMARTASSISTANT has been put to the test and
guarantees high performance and fast response times.



Innovation is at the heart of our business. We constantly seek ways to enhance and improve SMARTASSISTANT Technology.
Currently, our Research team is all excited about "Learning advisors" and "Advisor Automation".



Being around since 2006 and working with businesses of all sizes and industries, we can draw on a wealth of experience and expertise.



As the global de facto standard for Guided selling, industry leaders rely on SMARTASSISTANT to implement a sustainable Guided Selling strategy.



SMARTASSISTANT helps thousands of shoppers pick the product that is most suitable for them.


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