Meet the Management Team

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  • Markus Linder
    Markus Linder

    Managing Director,

    Markus Linder serves as Managing Director and is responsible for the strategic orientation of the company as well as Sales.
  • Martin Schliefnig
    Martin Schliefnig

    Managing Director,

    Martin Schliefnig is Managing Director and responsible for Operations, Marketing, Research and Development.
  • Vera Mayer
    Vera Mayer

    Vice President,
    Professional Services

    Vera Mayer manages the Professional Services team. She also spearheads the development of creative solutions in the SMARTASSISTANT Innovations Lab.
  • Jacek Wojciechowski
    Jacek Wojciechowski

    Vice President,
    Software Development

    Jacek Wojciechowski is responsible for the further development of the SMARTASSISTANT technology and the technical realization of software projects.
  • Adaora Okoli
    Adaora Okoli

    Vice President,
    Marketing and Research

    Adaora Okoli is responsible for internal and collaborative research projects, the company's marketing activities, and the realization of the Company Vision.
  • Svetlana Hollerer
    Svetlana Hollerer

    Head Developer,

    Svetlana Hollerer is responsible for the further development of our SMARTASSISTANT Technology.
  • Ariel Lüdi
    Ariel Lüdi

    Chairman - Board of Advisors

    Ariel Lüdi served as the CEO of hybris software and played a key role in driving its growth. Prior to that, he was the Vice President of European sales at and also worked for IBM and Oracle. Ariel brings significant industry experience and provides us with strategic advice and guidance to help ensure the company's continued growth and success.