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Leroy Merlin
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Commerce & Sales
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Headquartered in France, Leroy Merlin is a world-leading home-improvement retailer.

With almost 400 do-it-yourself stores across 12 countries, Leroy Merlin is committed to helping residents and homeowners find the perfect solutions for their projects. Serving more than 245 million customers each year, Leroy Merlin employs over 68,000 people and generates an annual turnover in excess of EUR 14 billion.


The Challenge

For retailers, helping customers find the right products is no easy task. This is especially true in markets such as home improvement, where inexperienced shoppers often don’t fully understand the product features – or even their own requirements.

With more than 60,000 products to choose from, inexperienced home-improvement shoppers often struggle to choose the right tools for their projects.

How could Leroy Merlin Russia deliver the advice and guidance that customers need to make the best choices, both in store and online?

The Solution

Leveraging the SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice Suite, Leroy Merlin Russia created interactive digital advisors that empower shoppers to choose the perfect products based on their specific needs – massively boosting customer satisfaction and driving increased sales.


SMARTASSISTANT was the only solution on the market that met our selection criteria. Easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and delivered as a SaaS solution – it ticked every box. No other product came close.
Vladimir Kravtsov
Head of E-Commerce and Internet Projects,
Leroy Merlin Russia

The Result

The same purchasing advice is now available to customers both in stores and online. This represents a huge step forward for our omnichannel strategy.
Nikolay Koazak
Internet and E-Commerce Director,
Leroy Merlin Russia

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Leroy Merlin - Adhesive Advisor
Leroy Merlin - Ladder Advisor
Leroy Merlin - Extension Advisor
Leroy Merlin - Plants Advisor
Leroy Merlin - Rack Advisor
Leroy Merlin - Radiator Advisor

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