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LUNA Sandals
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Commerce & Sales
Contact Center
Consumer Brands, Retail
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Freemium - Do-It-Yourself

LUNA Sandals is a Seattle-based manufacturer of handcrafted adventure sandals, used for hiking, running, and just about any outdoor adventure you can think of.

The successful, small-sized company was founded in 2010 by Ted “barefoot” McDonald. The story of his journey is famously chronicled in the bestselling book “Born to Run”.

Created to endure 50 miles across the world’s toughest terrain, LUNA Sandals have become the chosen sandal for barefoot runners. The niche product is distributed though LUNA Sandals’ regional online stores and is also available in select retail locations in the US, Europe and Asia.

luna sandals sandals

The Challenge

With an expanding product range of niche products, it was becoming difficult for LUNA Sandals to ensure all customers received the perfect product for their needs.

The majority of LUNA Sandals consumers didn’t know enough about the product to understand the differences between categories, let alone products within those categories. A basic comparison feature reliant on an understanding of model names and specifications simply wasn’t enough.

The problem compounded as LUNA Sandals started to expand their product range. The growing selection was becoming overwhelming. Consumers, in their quest for the perfect pair of sandals, would resort to one of three actions:

  • spend hours reading each product description to compare products,
  • call customer service for advice
  • simply exit the site.

The Solution

LUNA Sandals needed a solution that simplified the customer decision-making process without heavy-lifting or expensive investments. A solution that was intuitive, engaging and focused on customer needs.

LUNA Sandals wanted to maintain an exemplary level of customer satisfaction and the personal service experience they were known for. Yet, as their product range and consumer base grew, it became increasingly difficult for the small team to offer the level of advice and assistance the brand had been built on.

The solution needed to

  • Be centered primarily on customer needs, not on products
  • Help educate consumers on the product range so they walk away with a better knowledge of the products and brand
  • Drastically simplify the online customer journey and decision-making process

The Result

LUNA Sandals used SMARTASSISTANT's Zuvoo Freemium solution for small businesses to create a unique, useful and dynamic product advisor that not only educates their visitors on the best product for their needs, but is able to reach and advise more users than the customer service team.

The product advisor caused

  • an increase in customer satisfaction
  • ensured all users would receive the best possible advice
  • and freed up vast amounts of staff time to focus on other areas of the business

The product advisor has helped gently coax potential consumers along their customer journey.

By reducing the number of products consumers need to consider in their comparison, it’s helped LUNA Sandals direct 40% of paying consumers to the perfect sandals for their needs.

luna sandals sandal picker

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LUNA Sandals - Sandal Picker
LUNA Sandals - Sandal Picker