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As Germany’s leading DIY retailer, OBI has over 650 stores across Europe. In 2010, the company started selling its products online, now offering over 100,000 different items online.

In the DIY market, in particular, product guidance and knowledgeable advice are crucial business drivers. Right from the start of its e-commerce operations, OBI understood that this vital service needed to be available online as much as in store.

Customers should be given the kind of advice they'd get from a trusted friend or neighbor.

“To drive online sales and foster customer loyalty, we want to provide online customers with the same high-quality personal assistance they expect to receive in our stores. We were, therefore, looking for practical solutions to help us do just that.”
Sebastian Remer Head of E-Category Management at OBI

The Challenge

As a leading DIY retailer, appealing to do-it-yourselfers and semi-professionals, OBI customers can find an assortment of over 100,000 products on its website.

But with the size of the assortment and the sheer variety of products offered, non-experts can get confused quickly.

Customers become overwhelmed and unsure of what to buy, and the wide range of choices can turn into a deterrent.

The feeling of choice overload can even be so great that customers end up not purchasing anything at all.

The Solution

Helping is the New Selling
OBI knew it had to simplify choices and better guide and inform online customers if it wanted to encourage purchases.

The SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice Suite offered varied intelligence- and data-driven features and functionalities that would allow OBI to automate implementation and optimization of its digital assistants.

Sebastian Remer says, “The SMARTASSISTANT platform allows us to create and launch even complex intelligent sales assistants without requiring lots of resources on our end.”

The Result

With OBI's digital sales assistants, customers are now being guided to appropriate products in an interactive and engaging way.

  • The solutions in varied product categories are a key factor in increasing online sales and fostering customer loyalty
  • Around 30% of visitors to product category overview pages use category-specific digital sales assistants
  • Following the company’s ROPO strategy (Research Online, Purchase Offline), the solutions also act as additional drivers to increase in-store sales

OBI - Kitchen Advisor
OBI - Kitchen Advisor
OBI - Greenhouse Advisor
OBI - Greenhouse Advisor
OBI - Ladder Advisor
OBI - Ladder Advisor
OBI - Gardenhouse finder
OBI - Gardenhouse finder
OBI - Pond Liner Advisor
OBI - Pond Liner Advisor
OBI - Lawn mower finder
OBI - Lawn mower finder

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