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How long does it take to create and go live with a digital advisor?

This depends on the number of questions you want to integrate and the complexity of the decision paths you want to set up. Some clients create advisors within a couple of hours and optimize them as they move forward, some spend 4-6 weeks perfecting their advisors before they go live.

We know that time is money in a fast-paced environment, which is why SMARTASSISTANT makes it a quick and effortless process to create digital advisors. Your knowledge, best practices, and unique style in advising your customers can be captured using the easy-to-use WYSIWYG Advisor configurator.

Some of the things you can do:

  • add and edit questions and answers
  • rearrange elements via drag-and-drop
  • create simple and complex rules
  • map nested decision paths
  • integrate multimedia content
  • translate advisors

This all can be done by business users with a few clicks and without the need for programming skills or development effort. You can create digital advisors by following these 4 basic steps:

  • Upload a CSV file with products, offers, or solutions
  • Define questions, answers, the flow, and business rules via the WYSIWYG drag and drop enabled interface
  • Apply an existing design template or design the digital advisor with the design editor
  • Paste a few lines of JS code into your website and take your digital advisor live!
  • It's as simple as that - Go ahead and take SMARTASSISTANT for a test-drive with a 30-day free trial!
How can I come up with the right questions?

SMARTASSISTANT digital advisors are usually configured by the company's experts. These can be product managers, marketers, sales reps, or other employees who know their products and their users' decision-making process.

SMARTASSISTANT allows these business users to define the questions, the underlying advisor logic, and the advisor flow in an intuitive interface. There’s no dirty hacking, inflexible product-to-answer mapping, or fumbling with code.

If you're not sure which questions to ask, you can access jumpstart templates that are available in several product categories. You can also get in touch with our SMARTASSISTANT Solution partners who will support you in defining a strategy and finding the appropriate questions to ask.

Additionally, you will have access to performance best practices, advisor analytics and insights, A/B testing, and advisor monitoring to assist you as you optimize your digital advisors over the course of time.

How customizable are my digital advisors?

Every part of a SMARTASSISTANT digital advisor can be customized to fit into your website to a T.

You can start from scratch or jumpstart with fully responsive, highly flexible advisor themes that are optimized for all common screen resolutions. You can either use the design editor or modify CSS and JS files to adapt the look, feel, and behavior of your digital advisors.

Do I have to map each product to the answers?

Unlike other solutions, SMARTASSISTANT doesn't rely on inflexible product-to-answer mapping but instead applies a dynamic approach that gives you more flexibility and reduces maintenance effort, e.g. when new products or answers need to be added.

You can associate each answer with a rule that determines how selecting it should influence the result. The Advice engine will do the rest for you. It intelligently identifies the best matching products and solutions to display and will rank the items according to how well they match the user's stated needs.

How can I connect my product data?

In the SMARTASSISTANT backend, you can choose to either manually upload you CSV data feed or configure a data fetcher which will automatically retrieve your product data from a defined location, e.g. via HTTP, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Through our data services, we also offer custom configurations that retrieve data from web services (REST/JSON, SOAP) in different formats (XML, JSON, Excel, compressed) and accessed through different protocols (HTTP(S), FTP, SFTP, FTPS, ...)

Our product data is rather poor. Do you offer services to optimize it?

Complete product data increases confidence and trust and accelerates your buyers' decision-making process. This is why your digital advisor's performance and user acceptance relies on consistent, structured data.

Example: Structured product data 

We have a few tips to help you get your product data in shape in order to create high quality content.

  1. Missing product data
    We partner with data providers who offer services to provide you with basic product information in varied product categories
  2. Your product data is inconsistent
    We offer data services to cleanse and enhance your product data.

    a) Site scraping: we access different sources programmatically, including your website, to extract information and add it to your data feed

    b) Data Filling: we fill in the gaps in your data feed Contact us for more information about our Data consolidation and cleansing services.

How frequently can we update stock information, prices, etc?

This depends on your requirements. Most companies configure SMARTASSISTANT to update the product data feed every hour.

However, if your prices and stock information change more frequently than that, you can reduce the interval to 10 minutes.

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