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The SMARTASSISTANT consumer report "Humanizing Digital 2020"

In this study, we surveyed 1,077 consumers between the ages of 17 to 69 across the US, UK and Germany to understand their views on support, technology, customer experience and decision-making when they shop.

A detailed report that examines what consumers expect from their favorite companies and what it takes to create more human-centric personalized experiences.

"While it’s true to say the presence of the internet has made shopping a lot more convenient, the huge amount of choice that it offers consumers - in terms of brands, retailers, and their products - can make finding the right product a daunting prospect," said SMARTASSISTANT President & CMO Markus Linder.

"People crave decision support from companies that they trust. Any brand or retailer that is serious about growing their online business and sales needs to understand today's consumer's predicament in terms of choice overload - and provide assistance and guidance on digital channels in the right moment."


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