The Best Decisions Start With a Clear Vision

We have a clear and straightforward vision: Empowering people to make decisions.

This and our amazing team, a great technology as well as our lean and responsive company environment
allow us to make great things happen.

Markus Linder
Markus Linder
Managing Director, Co-Founder

Markus Linder serves as Managing Director and is responsible for the strategic orientation of the company as well as Sales.

We set out to revolutionize and simplify decision-making. With the SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice Suite, we provide businesses with powerful solutions to help people make the best decision in less time and with less hassle. Our strong vision drives the company growth and the development of innovative solutions that provide real value to people in different areas and ways.
Martin Schliefnig
Martin Schliefnig
Managing Director, Co-Founder

Martin Schliefnig is Managing Director and responsible for Operations, Marketing, Research and Development.

We are working on a solution that makes a huge difference for many people. It's our strong vision and the desire to offer something that's really useful to people in their everyday lives, which motivates us to give our best! It's inspiring to work in an environment where people can be who they are – with all their quirks and charms – turning a powerful vision into reality.
Felix Fichtl
Chief Financial Officer

Tim Dorris
VP Sales

We help enable brands to become trusted advisors for their consumers, helping simplify decisions, add additional value, and become the clear destination for their area of expertise. This is a requirement, not a nice-to-have side project, for businesses that not only want to survive, but thrive.  

Vera Mayer
Vera Mayer
VP Professional Services

Vera Mayer manages the Professional Services team. She also spearheads the development of creative solutions in the SMARTASSISTANT Innovations Lab.

We are a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals with years of experience and extensive knowledge in designing and setting-up Digital Advice solutions for our varied customers.

You can rely on our Professional Services team for strategic consultation, implementation, training, and on-going support. A project manager will assist you to save time and get you started as quickly as possible. It's just what we do!

Adaora Okoli
Adaora Okoli
VP Marketing and Research

Adaora Okoli is responsible for internal and collaborative research projects, the company's marketing activities, and the realization of the Company Vision.

Most people struggle with decision-making to some extent.

SMARTASSISTANT is a versatile technology with a lot going on under the hood. It makes "complex and difficult" look "simple and easy": Find the perfect dress to wear, the mobile plan that fits your lifestyle, or the best mattress for your sleeping habits. Being able to help people make confident decisions with speed, clarity, and confidence is rewarding.

Madlen Rapberger
VP Customer Success Management

Seeing our customers succeed in tackling their digital challenges with SMARTASSISTANT is what motivates us. It is our dedicated responsibility to not only help our customers achieve their goals with our technology but to also grow with them in an ever more competitive environment. 

Lukasz Wozinski
VP Software Development

At SMARTASSISTANT, we're building software that lets millions of users make better decisions. This problem-solving attitude is not only the characteristic of our software, but of our company itself. Everyone at SMARTASSISTANT can, should and does have an impact on the product, processes, and strategies that define us as a company.

Svetlana Hollerer
Svetlana Hollerer
Head Developer, Co-Founder

Svetlana Hollerer is responsible for the further development of our SMARTASSISTANT Technology.

Feisty, hard-working, efficient and creative. That's the SMARTASSISTANT essence.


  • Ariel Lüdi
    Ariel Lüdi
    Chairman of the Board

    As a major shareholder and CEO, Ariel was for 11 years a driving force behind the growth and success of hybris software, a leader in omni commerce software. A journey which resulted in the acquisition by SAP for 1.5bn USD in August 2013. At SAP Ariel has been running all of SAP's software business related to Customer Engagement and Commerce. A new initiative which combines assets from different parts of SAP like commerce, Marketing, Social and CRM, under one leadership.

    Prior to joining hybris, Ariel was senior vice president of European sales at salesforce.com. Ariel entered the e-commerce space in 1996 at BroadVision where he led European sales. Other steps in his careers were seven years at Oracle as head of sales and product marketing in Switzerland. He joined Oracle from IBM, his first position after studying physics at ETH in Zurich.

    Ariel brings significant industry experience and provides us with strategic advice and guidance to help ensure the company's continued growth and success.

  • Eyal Malinger

    Eyal is an Investment Director at Beringea, a UK and US based Venture Capital fund where he is responsible for sourcing investments, executing deals and helping portfolio companies achieve their full potential.

    Eyal was previously director of Corporate Development at Countrywide PLC where he oversaw investments in the Property Technology sector and helped set up Countrywide’s analytics division and residential asset management operations. Prior to this, he was Vice President with Oaktree Capital’s European private equity fund and a consultant with McKinsey & Company.

    Eyal began his career as a software engineer developing advanced telecommunication solutions. Eyal has an MBA from Harvard Business School and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Interdisciplinary Centre Herzliya.