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Beko Gets Chatty – A Look at Beko’s AdviceBot


Beko is a world-renowned white goods manufacturer that sells fridge-freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and ovens. Its goal is to is make the everyday lives of customers easier.


To do this, Beko conducts lots of consumer research and focuses on understanding consumer needs to align their business and operations accordingly.

Beko’s research showed that customers purchasing high-ticket items like fridges and washing machines craved personalized recommendations and the ability to find and compare suitable products easily, without having to do much research.

So the brand integrated digital advisor for several product categories on its country websites. They guide online shoppers toward their perfect Beko choice in a few minutes and help Beko transform prospecting or unsure shoppers into confident buyers.

The advisors ask questions about the needs of customers (in the user’s language) and make appropriate recommendations based on their answers (see below picture).

Example: Advisor on the Beko’s Dutch website  Beko Netherland’s Fridge Advisor


Understanding the value of personal, assistive and conversational customer interactions, Beko took that concept a step further.

The brand has become an early adopter of SMARTASSISTANT Digital AdviceBotstransforming their existing digital advisors into personalized, GUI-based chatbots and in doing so, making their service available to customers on different channels.

The chatbot is currently integrated into Beko Netherland’s Facebook site to help customers find the right fridge.



Despite being in beta, the early release allows Beko to gather user responses and delve deeper into their motivations for buying, their preferences, and habits, and generate feedback to further improve their solution.

It offers an exciting look into the future of customer engagement and what will be possible as the technology advances.

As the rules of digital customer service evolve and we move into the AI computing era, chatbots provide a way for companies like Beko to prepare by

  • firstly, generating the content needed for future AI-based interaction
  • and secondly, learning how best to interact with consumers in a conversation-based environment to enable more conversational, human-like, voice assistant experiences in the near future.

Companies that start early will boost their understanding of how to pull together and leverage various knowledge assets to create these effective new types of digital services – a critical endeavor in a competitive and fast-moving environment.


Want to learn more? Get in touch to find out how SMARTASSISTANT’s Intelligent Digital Advice solutions can help you to harness the power of AdviceBots for your brand.