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Analysis: Guided Selling vs. Faceted Search Navigation


In years past, Faceted Search has been the most effective way of narrowing down huge product listings to a select few results based on specific qualities. 
However, while they can be quite useful, there are some things these facets just can’t seem to get right.  As it turns out, only about 40% of online shops use facets, which is a surprisingly low number considering how useful they can be. This primarily has to do with the difficulties in effectively implementing these facets.

While faceted search is one of the most significant search innovations of our time, it is clear that a better, more effective solution is needed today.

That solution must be aimed at helping customers find the products that best suit their needs, faster.


Guided Selling is faceted search’s intuitive, personal and user-oriented counterpart, an interactive questionnaire-based product advisor that asks targeted questions about the customer’s needs, wants, and preferences as opposed to technical, impersonal product attributes.

In this infographic, we take a look at how Guided Selling stacks up against faceted search in some of the most crucial areas.

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Guided Selling Faceted Search Infographic