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Becoming #1 Point-of-Decision: with the SMARTASSISTANT-product-advisor solution


Recent e-commerce surveys point out two main facts:

1. While shopping online, online shoppers focus on a handful of online shops, in which they trust and where they shop repeatedly.

2. Good service and especially qualified advice are crucial to this selection.

"Currently, retailers are competing strongly to become the Point-of-Decision within the market. Within the next 2-3 years, a large number of users will select their favourite online shops. Pricing and delivery options remain important factors, but the opportunities for differentiation are becoming less and less", says Markus Linder, CEO of Smart Information Systems. "However, the most essential questions are: where do online shoppers decide on a product? Where do they get all the necessary information and where do they get the best advice? This will be the place, to which they will return for future purchases."

And this is where the SMARTASSISTANT comes into play: as globally leading solution for online product advice, naming customers in Europe, USA and Asia, the SMARTASSISTANT helps to position online shops as the "# 1 Point-of-Decision" for more and more customers - with real advice on the level of consultative sales efforts.