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Canon uses SMARTASSISTANT to provide expert advice on 51 country websites

Canon Guided Selling

As world-leading innovator, offering expertise and solutions from image capture through to digital output, Canon chose  SMARTASSISTANT  to help their customers find the right products from within their wide range of products for home and business use.

Looking for a way to help their online customers select the most suitable product,  SMARTASSISTANT  Technology made it possible for Canon to design and deploy product advisors within only a few weeks. The result is not only nice to look at, but realizes multiple benefits of Guided Selling at once - these are only but a few of them:

Customer-focused Advice
Asks need-oriented questions that both printer experts and laymen are able to answer easily  
e.g. "How many people will use this printer?", "What do you want to print from?", ¦

Communicate  USPs
The advisors communicate  USPs  by conveying benefits instead of abstract feature descriptions  
e.g. Do you need extra trays for more capacity or to load different paper types?

Up-Selling  opportunites
Promotes options that the regular shopper may not have been aware of, uncovers latent needs and opens up valuable  upselling  opportunities
e.g. "Air-print support", "Printing from cloud services"

Maximize the Brand experience
Provides shoppers with a fully mobile-optimized and painless way to the right product - creating a heightened brand experience for Canon's advice-seeking customers.

See for yourself - Go to advisor


SMARTASSISTANT provides us with a powerful platform and lots of benefits out of the box. The dynamic decision engine was very easy to configure, enabling us to get a working prototype of our printer advisor within a week. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, we were then able to fine-tune the advisor through daily iterations to ensure our end-users will be recommended the best printer for their needs

EMEA  Marketing Strategy Director, Canon Europe