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Case Study: METRO uses SMARTASSISTANT to share advice across different channels


METRO Cash & Carry is a leading international player in self-service wholesale with more than 750 wholesale stores in 26 countries. It constitutes the largest sales division of the retail giant Metro AG.

In order to leverage Guided Selling as part of the customer experience, METRO uses SMARTASSISTANT and integrates interactive product advice across its in-store and online channels - delivering a seamless and differentiated customer experience.

The advisors are made available on standalone kiosks, tablets as well as in METRO's online shop, covering categories as diverse as coffee machines, printers, mattresses etc. METRO's visitors, be it directly in the store or online, can now receive immediate, interactive product advice, making their shopping experience faster, easier and more enjoyable:  

72% of customers surveyed found suitable products through METRO's Shopping Assistants or rated the advice quality highly.

The SMARTASSISTANT-Advantage: It took METRO merely 8 weeks from the initial concept to the roll out of 36 device-optimized interactive product advisors in different languages, as SMARTASSISTANT Technology combines all necessary functionalities to create, design, localize and update advisors in one easy-to-use WYSIWYG-based solution.

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