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Gift Finder: Support Your Christmas Gift Shoppers


July is the hottest time for businesses of all types to start preparing for the impending Christmas holiday season. It's the most important season to capture a new audience, engage existing customers, and increase sales - an opportunity that definitely shouldn't be missed.

The 3 most important question marketers have to ask themselves this year are:
1) How can we differentiate and set ourselves apart from typical holiday campaigns of competitors?
2) How can we solve shoppers' problems, alleviate shopping stress, and make Christmas shopping a pleasant experience?
3) How can we keep it simple while increasing engagement online, mobile and in the store?

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SMARTASSISTANT's Seasonal Gift finder, helps you answer these questions and lets you surprise visitors with an interactive product guide they can use to discover the perfect Christmas present for family members, friends and colleagues.

By using  SMARTASSISTANT Platform, you can create, design and launch your gift finder without the involvement of heavy IT resources. Benefit from the quickest and easiest way to spice up your Christmas marketing campaigns with effective, interactive gift finders.

With SMARTASSISTANT, it takes only a few days from concept to integration of your gift finder!

And if you need support in crafting the right questions and answers or need tips for the most optimal integration into your marketing campaigns, you can always rely on the expertise of our experienced  SMARTASSISTANT Professional ServicesTeam and our  Solution Partners.

"The SMARTASSISTANT Gift finder is an ideal chance for businesses to stand out and offer shoppers a differentiated Christmas shopping experience. Year after year, our clients see increased engagement as well as significantly higher advisor starts and click-through rates with our seasonal advisors. SMARTASSISTANT advisors simply make picking the right gift less of a hassle during the most stressful time of the year." - Markus Linder, CEO SMARTASSISTANT


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