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Guided Selling Live! 2015 adds Sheena Iyengar (CBS), world-renowned expert on decision-making, to the list of speakers!


It would be almost impossible to imagine the upcoming Guided Selling Live! 2015 on June 16th in Vienna, Austria, without the appearance of Dr. Sheena Iyengar, the world's leading expert on the psychology of decision-making and choice.  

Sheena Iyengar is the charismatic person behind the most famous experiment on choice (Jam experiment), which showed that the availability of too much choice debilitates and hampers purchase decisions. A renowned professor at Columbia Business School and author of the award-winning book The Art of Choosing, Sheena will provide her valuable insights into ways people deal with decisions and choice overload. Her fascinating research offers guidelines for crafting superior shopping experience, and ultimately helping shoppers make better, more satisfying choices.  

It is a real honor for us to know that Sheena, being a choosing expert herself, actually chose to talk at this year's Guided Selling Live! 2015.

Understanding the psychology behind human choices does not only help to increase sales; it can also make your customers more satisfied with their purchase decisions and minimize the chance of error or regret.

Huge conference ROI guaranteed!


Guided Selling Live! 2015, the first international event focusing on the most prominent topics in Guided Selling, is organized by SMARTASSISTANT and the industry blog  The conference is specifically designed for all those who understand the strategic importance of a differentiated customer experience, providing engaging customer guidance, and helping shoppers choose. Speakers will share their first-hand experiences, lessons learned and benefits achieved in deploying Guided Selling solutions.            

Some of the Speakers @ Guided Selling Live! 2015

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