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Humanizing Digital 2020 - Consumer Report available!


88% of online shoppers want brands and retailers to integrate digital sales assistants

Interactive digital advisors rated better than product filters, live chat, FAQs and phone support

NEW YORK, May 29, 2018: More than 8 in 10 consumers (88%) think it would be beneficial for brands and retailers to integrate interactive digital sales assistants on their websites to support customer decision making.

64% of online shoppers said digital sales assistants do a better job than product filters at helping customers find the right product. The technology was also rated as very or completely helpful by 72% of consumers - more than any other service, including phone support (64%), live chat (68%) or FAQs (41%).

Humanizing Digital 2020, a new consumer survey commissioned by Digital Advice technology provider SMARTASSISTANT, found that consumers’ increasing demand for online support is fuelled by a feeling of overwhelm they experience when shopping online:

  • 42% of consumers have abandoned a transaction because of too much choice
  • 54% have stopped purchasing from a website because it was too difficult to find the right product
  • 68% think is important for brands to provide expert advice and recommendations

More than half (54%) said that digital sales assistants (intelligence-driven, dialogue-based solutions that guide shoppers to the right products based on identified needs) made them very or extremely confident about a purchase decision. 

Markus Linder, Founder, and President at SMARTASSISTANT, comments:


“It’s clear: E-commerce has made shopping more convenient, but the increased amount of choice is confusing consumers to the point that they’re feeling incredibly overwhelmed, leaving websites without buying. Static solutions like product filters don’t support shoppers enough. Customers want interactive, human-like support from technology that can offer personalized help in real-time.


“Our research shows that retailers and brands that make their online offer more “human” - by providing interactive assistance and guidance - are best placed to fulfil  today’s customer expectations and make more sales.”

Download the full Humanizing Digital 2020 report here to view all the findings:


About Humanizing Digital 2020: The world is changing for consumer-facing businesses. Where consumers were once satisfied with the convenience of being able to shop online, their expectations have increased significantly. They now expect trust, advice, recommendations - human-like qualities from digital platforms.

Surveying more than 1,000 consumers in the US, UK, and Germany, Humanizing Digital 2020 unveils how this new breed of customer wants to interact with online shopping platforms - and how retailers and brands can position themselves to meet those expectations.


About SMARTASSISTANT: SMARTASSISTANT is the leading Digital Advice technology solution provider. We give industry-leading companies, like Microsoft, Sonos, Canon and Mizuno, the tools to build AI digital sales assistants that help their customers make confident purchase decisions through meaningful, personal interactions on the web, mobile, via chatbots and voice.

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