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IBM and SMARTASSISTANT partnership


IBM WebSphere Commerce, used by top enterprises, is widely considered an industry-leading e-commerce solution. WebSphere Commerce B2C and Multichannel Retailing solutions help companies around the world provide a seamless, personalized user experience for customers, be it on the Web, in the store, over the phone, using a mobile device or all of the above.
Now IBM Worldwide Commerce Solutions team and SMARTASSISTANT, the leading cloud-based enterprise-class guided selling technology provider partner up to help retailers and brands create a more interactive and customer-oriented shopping experience. SMARTASSISTANT will work with online merchants and brands to integrate its leading online product advisory platform into IBM's WebSphere Commerce solutions, ensuring that their customers get help to choosing products they'll love.
Several IBM WebSphere clients are already up and running with the SMARTASSISTANT solution. More and more retailers and brands see a strong need to provide their customers with first-class product advice on the web and in the store. Consumers are consolidating their shopping destinations. For retailers it is becoming instrumental to help their customers choosing the right product out of their assortment, to position themselves as #1 point-of-decision for more and more of their customers.
"Interactive product advice is the retailers' most valuable asset available today to distinguish themselves from low-margin/price dependent purely transactional retailers as the #1 point-of-decision of their customers," said Markus Linder, Co-Founder and CEO, SMARTASSISTANT. "Our partnership with IBM will bring this strategic functionality to even more retailers and brands around the world as they deliver a more rewarding shopping experience with personalized shopping advice."