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Introducing Zuvoo - The Freemium Guided Selling Solution for Small to Medium Businesses

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We are proud to announce the launch of Zuvoo and the Zuvoo community, the first Freemium Guided Selling offer that helps companies provide their visitors with an intuitive shopping and product discovery experience.
Zuvoo gives businesses that are eager to improve the customer experience the ability to implement interactive product finders without heavy-lifting.

Zuvoo builds on SMARTASSISTANT's Guided Selling technology and allows you to create and customize your own need-oriented advice solutions to simplify the customer journey and increase conversion.  

The launch of Zuvoo marks a significant step in our company's history and is an important move towards our vision of ensuring expert advice and better decision support is available to millions of shoppers.  

The Zuvoo Community

zuvoo community

The growing Zuvoo community is a place where experienced Zuvoo users are able to exchange their thoughts on the best methods to improve digital advice solutions. It's also where users share performance-optimized advisor templates in varied categories to the benefit of the whole Zuvoo community and SMARTASSISTANT's clients.

The community-generated advisor templates will allow businesses to not only save costs but will make providing helpful, digital advice much easier.  

"Zuvoo is the easiest way to create interactive, customized product finders to solve the problem of choice overload. Overwhelming options are one of the most common reasons why shoppers decide not to decide!"  Linder continues, "Zuvoo answers the needs of businesses that want to provide a better experience to their visitors. With Zuvoo, organizations can now make their expertise and advice available to digital shoppers ensuring they receive the highest level of service and are able to choose the perfect product or solutions for their needs."  

Markus Linder


Make choosing easy & convince your digital shoppers!

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The SaaS solution is specifically suited for small to medium-sized organizations that often don't have the resources to implement sophisticated Guided Selling solutions. Zuvoo includes a WYSIWYG editor and responsive design templates which eliminates the need for coding or long development cycles. And, it's free of charge for up to 1,000 advisor starts per month.  

See what it takes to create your first Zuvoo advisor!  

If you are aware of the impact customer-centric solutions, digital expert advice, and delivering great customer experiences have on your business success, sign up for Zuvoo today.