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Komplett Group, invests in becoming the #1 Point of Decision of shoppers


Komplett Group, Nordics' leading e-commerce player, decided for SMARTASSISTANT Guided Selling to provide their customers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark with an improved online choosing experience: in multiple product categories, ranging from TVs and laptops, to washing machines, cookers and more, Komplett's visitors can now turn to need-oriented and interactive product advisors whenever they need help choosing.

The introduction of interactive buying guides to Komplett's online stores was met with great interest (measured by Facebook posts and sales), and is just another testament to the growing need for better shopper support in today's online shops!

At Komplett Group, we continually strive to provide the best service to our customers. To make shopping on our websites as comfortable and easy as possible, we decided to invest in Guided Selling and chose SMARTASSISTANT - it's flexible, powerful, and still easy to use. Our product advisors do not only add great value to our shopper's online experience, but also support our vision of becoming "The Obvious Choice" for our customers.
Ole Vinje, CEO Komplett Group
Komplett also created several funny TV spots (feat. their SMARTASSISTANT product advisors) to communicate the unique value their interactive product advisors create for their visitors, and demonstrate how online advice makes their shoppers' lives easier.