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Meet SMARTASSISTANT Digital Summit


When in Philadelphia for 2015, be sure to stop by at booth 1163!

If you're like most business owners or managers running a store, one of your main questions most probably is:  

How can I help my shoppers choose, decide  and purchase?

Join our Guided Selling experts on the ground and learn how you can improve customer decision-making to help your shoppers make smarter, faster, and more confident purchase decisions - right at your store and in only  a few steps!

SMARTASSISTANT is the leading Guided Selling technology that  is specifically geared towards digital and omnichannel retailers and brands who want to improve customer experience and conversion by offering interactive product advisors and product finders (aka poduct wizards) - for at home, mobile,  and in the store.  

There's no coding and no  hassle to get started with SMARTASSISTANT: Plug-in your data, define the Q&A flow, and you're good  to go.

Schedule a one-on-one with the SMARTASSISTANT team and discover how  SMARTASSISTANT helps your shoppers choose products they'll love: