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Meet the SMARTASSISTANT Team at IRC 2016 in London

IRC 2016 smartassistant

The future of commerce is need-based!

Meet the SMARTASSISTANT Team at IRC 2016 in London

This year's InternetRetailing Conference explores the theme of new horizons as it looks to the future of ecommerce and multichannel retail.

With the rise of mobile shopping, shorter attention spans, and choice overload leading to decision fatigue, businesses have to pay closer attention to understanding what their shoppers really need to drive conversion and improve sales.  

"In a world of infinite choice, context - not content - is king." - Chris Anderson.

It's about differentiating the store experience in such a way that customers do not feel overwhelmed and can run through the customer journey smoothly.  

Visit our booth #36 at IRC 2016 to explore the omnichannel-ready  SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice Suite and its solutions for your team!  

digital advice suite

Learn how they help you make the experience all about your customers to serve them better throughout the entire customer lifecycle.