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OTTO gives customers an experience to remember


It's not a secret: The fashion industry is a highly competitive environment in which it is tough to stand out. The key for today's fashion retailers who want to develop and enhance brand equity is differentiation: Making sure to offer a unique customer experience that is appealing to the new generation of online and digital-savvy, fashion-minded customers.

German retailer OTTO (SMARTASSISTANT customer since 2008) is one of the biggest e-commerce companies and also known as one of the most forward-thinking retailers in the industry. The company has always embraced innovation to create an exciting and engaging shopping experience for their shoppers.

OTTO understands Guided Selling as an opportunity to grab the attention of shoppers and give them "a shopping experience to remember". The company chose SMARTASSISTANT to provide their shoppers with an interactive Style advisor and Fit advisor and embedded the advisors in a broad marketing campaign.

It focuses on communicating OTTO's fashion competence in an engaging way:

Ottos Fit advisor

OTTO's Style-Advisor

OTTO's Fit-Advisor


The advisors prompt visitors to take a quick quiz to discover their personal style or the right fit.
They ask questions like "You've overslept and are late for an important appointment. What do you choose to wear?" or "Time to praise yourself! What do you like about your body?" - and at the end of each quiz, present shoppers with fashion tips as well as a list of recommended picks from the OTTO-Shop.

  • For OTTO's shoppers this means: No more ploughing through endless pages to find THAT perfect outfit.
  • For OTTO this means: inspiring shoppers, helping them make the right choice, creating emotive experiences that stick, differentiating and leveraging Guided Selling to engage shoppers across different touchpoints, including mobile, social networks and blogs.