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PishPoshBaby Stroller Finder - Helping parents make educated decisions


Did you know that the months of July, August and September appear to be the top season for birth? Even if you are not currently looking for a stroller, we recommend checking out the new Stroller Finder at PishPoshBaby.  The leading US-based online shop offers soon-to-have-a-baby-around-them-shoppers on the hunt for the perfect stroller with helpful interactive advice based on SMARTASSISTANT.

Believe it or not, buying a stroller can be just as complicated as buying a car. It confronts shoppers with a countless number of options, models and styles to choose from, as there are numerous ways how children can be pushed around the block - making the decision that much more difficult.

PishPoshBaby is an online store for high-quality baby gear that is renowned for their philosophy: sharing honest advice and combining their extensive knowledge on all contemporary baby products to help shoppers make the best choice through their team of Expert Mom Reps.

The Interactive Stroller Advisor is the perfect solution for overwhelmed online-shopping parents. It asks usage- and preference-oriented questions, cuts through the jargon, explains benefits, and suggests not only strollers that fit the shopper's needs, but also displays compatible car seats that keep the baby safe and comfortable.

Added benefit: With SMARTASSISTANT's backend that is optimized for business users, the PishPoshBaby team is able to maintain and update their advisors quickly and without programming skills on their own!

Schedule a demo to get a tour through the SMARTASSISTANT backend or get your hands on a 30-day trial to create your first product advisor.