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Digital Disruption Is Happening Now!

By 2020, 80% of the buying process will occur without human-to-human interaction.  
Meet the SMARTASSISTANT Team at and learn how you can effectively combine a consumer-focused strategy with technology!  

At the core of any initiative you drive must stand the understanding of shoppers' needs.

Meet us at this year's and learn how you can actively guide shoppers through the complex purchase decision process, automate the process of analyzing customer needs, propose suitable solutions and inspire the next action of value: a purchase, an order, a sign-up, or the discovery of relevant information.

The SMARTASSISTANT Omnichannel-ready Digital Advice suite offers solutions specifically designed to help organizations create better experiences

  • across all channels (online, mobile, call center, via chatbots and in store)
  • throughout the entire customer lifecycle
  • covering all customer-facing business units (sales, marketing & service)

Stop by Booth #3059 at and see how leading retailers are leveraging SMARTASSISTANT today!