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Shoptalk 2018 - TechTalk - Digital Assistants and the Rise of In-store Voice Advice


Are you intrigued or concerned about how voice technology will impact the retail industry?

If so, you’re invited to Techtalk Stage 7 on Monday evening (6.36pm) at Shoptalk to hear Markus Linder, CEO of SMARTASSISTANT, talk about digital assistants, in-store voice advice and the game-changing impact they will have on the consumer experience.

During his segment on Store of the Future & In-Store Innovations, Markus will explain:

Why stores need to focus on improving their entertainment and advice experience

  • Why consumers are overwhelmed with choice and complexity
  • How to deliver an excellent advice experience in store
  • He will also give an exclusive live demonstration of the power of voice technology when paired up with Digital Advice


Full details of the talk:
Enhancing the Customer Experience - Digital Assistants and the Rise of In-store Voice Advice with Markus Linder
Monday, March 19th, 6.36pm (PT)
Techtalk Stage 7


And, while at Shoptalk 2018, head over to kiosk #ET57 at the Emerging Technology Discovery Zone to meet Markus and the SMARTASSISTANT team for the duration of Shoptalk 2018.

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