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Significant Trend: "Nowadays, there is no way around online-product advice!"


Online-product consultations offered by the SMARTASSISTANT from July 2009 to August 2012.

Online product advice is a strategic topic in e-commerce: for online-shops, comparison portals and manufacturers alike - this is also reflected by the growing number of visits to the SMARTASSISTANT product advisors. In the past years, millions of online product consultations were offered through the SMARTASSISTANT-Technology - and we are still counting: with a 30%-50% increase per year, we expect 2013 to be the year with the highest-ever number of SMARTASSISTANT product consultations per month. These numbers are evidence of our success at guiding millions of users to their ideal products as well as supporting online shops, manufacturers and comparison portals reach a higher conversion rate and increased turnover.

The SMARTASSISTANT communicates at the level of its users. Similarly to consultative sales efforts, the user is interactively guided to the most suitable products.

Online product advice is worthwhile: a 0.5%- to 6%-points higher conversion rate and an increase in turnover of up to 20% in the respective product categories. Our numerous satisfied customers show the versatility of our solution as well as our broad market coverage and assortment coverage.

Markus Linder, CEO of Smart Information Systems: "There is no way around an online product advisor if you want to offer your clients a modern and contemporary online shop. Looking at the numbers of users and sales through our solution, it gets obvious how important finding the right product according to customer's individual needs is. Online-product advice has become a Must-Have for online shops who want to become the #1 point-of-decision for their customers!"