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SMARTASSISTANT Joins Demandware LINK to Accelerate Commerce Innovation


Pre-built integration makes it faster and easier for Demandware clients to deploy interactive product finders and product advisors


Sunnyvale  November, 2015 - SMARTASSISTANT, the leading technology provider for building and managing interactive, omnichannel-ready Guided Selling solutions, today announced that it has become a Demandware LINK Technology Partner, joining a best-of-breed community committed to accelerating the adoption of innovative commerce technologies that are complementary to the Demandware ® Commerce platform.

Through the LINK Technology Partner Program, SMARTASSISTANT provides a seamless integration between SMARTASSISTANT's Guided Selling Platform and Demandware Commerce, making it possible for Demandware clients to implement and launch interactive product advisors and product finder solutions in a fraction of the time normally required as well as without any programming effort.  

SMARTASSISTANT Guided Selling helps brands offer their customers a more streamlined and intuitive journey to a purchase decision. SMARTASSISTANT's interactive product finders and product advisors engage shoppers in a dialogue and ask the right questions to understand user needs and recommend suitable solutions. With SMARTASSISTANT's cloud-based platform, these interactive solutions can be launched more quickly and managed more flexibly.  Leading brands use SMARTASSISTANT to

  • educate shoppers,
  • increase purchase confidence,
  • and ultimately,  drive conversion and online revenue (avg. 30-70% CVR uplift)

The omnichannel-ready solution allows brands to personalize the path to purchase and deliver hassle-free shopping experiences and product discovery.

We're pleased to have SMARTASSISTANT as part of our LINK Technology Partner Program, stated Tom Griffin, SVP, corporate development at Demandware. SMARTASSISTANT's Guided Selling gives Demandware clients a flexible and scalable solution to help create a seamless customer experience and increase conversions.

The Demandware LINK Technology Partner Program provides Demandware clients with a rich of set of pre-built integrations to cutting-edge commerce technologies and applications that can unlock revenue generating opportunities and enhance the brand experience. By reducing the cost and complexity of integrations, Demandware LINK allows retailers to adopt innovative third party technologies quickly and cost-effectively, allowing them to accelerate time to market and realize a faster return on their investment.

We have been working with large brands and understand the challenges they are faced with, especially as customer demands and expectations are growing. Delivering need-based personalization with Guided Selling is the future of successful customer interaction and engagement leading to higher conversion and customer satisfaction. We are happy to be a Demandware LINK Technology Partner, as it now enables mutual clients to quickly launch scalable Guided Selling solutions that help their shoppers choose the products they really want and need., says Markus Linder, CEO SMARTASSISTANT



We love helping your shoppers choose right. SMARTASSISTANT is the globally leading technology for interactive product advice on varied devices and touchpoints. The web-based, SaaS-solution allows business users to quickly build, configure, optimize, and monitor interactive Guided Selling solutions in a scalable way. Like a knowledgeable salesperson, SMARTASSISTANT product advisors gather the shoppers' needs in a highly interactive and consumer-centric dialogue, ask need-oriented questions, explain features and benefits, and ultimately advise the shopper on the most suitable product or service.

SMARTASSISTANT is used by the world's leading consumer brands, manufacturers and retailers in well over 100 different product categories, ranging from electronics to home appliances, as well as fashion products, services and more. SMARTASSISTANT has proven to increase the shoppers' experience and drive higher customer satisfaction and retention.  The fast-growing company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and has offices in Sunnyvale, New York, Austin and Wroclaw.