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Swipe Right to "Like": German Retailer OTTO - Gamified Swipe Advisor

OTTO gamification and Guided Selling

Swipe right to "like" or swipe left to dislike - Choosing the right product can't be any easier.

Gamification is an essential element for brands to drive customer marketing and loyalty. This inspired the SMARTASSISTANT Innovation Lab to experiment and explore approaches how gamification interfaces can be used to simplify browsing, discovery, and decision-making in a mobile shopping environment.

OTTO Swipe Advisor Mockups

"In the SMARTASSISTANT Innovation Lab, we continuously research consumer behavior trends and develop ideas to further improve decision-making with our technology, says Vera Mayer, VP of Professional Services and leader of the SMARTASSISTANT Innovation Lab. The simplicity of gamification interfaces and apps inspired us to create the Swipe Advisor interface that offers an intuitive advice experience on mobile devices. In the end, retailers and brands are essentially matchmakers between consumers and compatible products."

The German retailer, OTTO, recently relaunched their Living Style Advisor using the new Swipe Advisor interface design. The goal was to create an experience that is tailored to mobile shoppers and their shopping preferences. The advisor works by displaying images of various living rooms ideas on swipeable cards. Users can swipe to the right to like and left to dislike. In the end, they receive a list of furniture and accessories that match their taste and preferences.

To create a more engaging mobile experience and offer effortless shopping, we decided to use SMARTASSISTANT's Swipe Advisor interface design for our existing Living Style Advisor. Our goal is to make it easier and more fun for mobile shoppers to discover and explore interesting items on the go," explains Francesco Ferreri, Senior Project Leader E-Commerce Competence Center at OTTO.

The experience is similar to browsing in a store where the discovery of products is very emotive and driven by visual triggers. The user interface of the Living Style Advisor reduces complexity on smaller screens and inspires shoppers to discover suitable options available to them.

Try it out:  OTTO Living Style Advisor (in German)

Thanks to SMARTASSISTANT's design editor, customers can quickly adapt existing advisor designs by simply choosing a different design template.

If you too want to create a better product discovery experience for your shoppers, contact us today.