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Maximizing value for our customers

We and our solution partners are happy to support you with your project.
We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your needs.
For a faster time-to-market and a better ROI.



Not sure how?

Our experienced specialists assist you with the creation of a strategic action plan to enhance your customer journey with digital sales assistants.

Building advisors

The Art of Asking the Right Questions

Our project managers combine functional expertise with practical experience in building digital sales assistants that drive real impact and results for you and your customers.

Data Management

Accurate Product Information

Through our data services and partnerships with content providers, we help you clean-up, structure and enhance your product data - for successful and effective digital sales assistants.

UI and UX Design

It's not only about the frills and fancies

Our user experience design experts are passionate about delivering user-centered designs that ensure the best results for you and your customers.


Understanding why

We regularly provide you with in-depth analytical reports that can be translated into actionable insights for your marketing, sales and product strategies.

POS Services

Take it to the store

We help you create an interactive in-store experience for your shoppers and provide you with the devices and expertise to successfully roll out digital sales assistants at your POS.


Get Custom Solutions

If you need a tailored solution to fulfill your business needs, our team of experienced Business Analysts will work together with you to develop a solution that includes all the features and capabilities you need.

Training & Support

Learn from the experts

Benefit from our years of experience and receive customized 1:1 training sessions to optimize digital sales assistants or access our best-practice resources and webinars.

Monitoring & Optimization

Ensure Maximum Value

We start by analyzing your traffic and customer journey to suggest the optimal integration of your digital sales assistants. Iterative A/B Split Tests help us find the best setup for your audience to increase engagement, conversion and ensure maximum value through your solutions.
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Vera Mayer

We are a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals with years of experience and extensive knowledge in designing and setting-up Digital Advice solutions for our varied customers.

You can rely on our Professional Services team for strategic consultation, implementation, training, and on-going support. A project manager will assist you to save time and get you started as quickly as possible. It's just what we do!

Vera Mayer, VP Professional Services

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We support you every step of the way

Choose the Full-Service Package and have us take care of everything

  • Understand

    The first step is to sit down and learn about you.

    This helps us understand your brand, your customers, how you want to assist them - and gets everyone on the same page.

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  • Build

    With all that knowledge from the workshop, we start converting ideas into digital assistants.

    We've garnered a wealth of experience in creating digital sales assistants. This is the part where we apply it to tailor your solutions to your target group, personalization concept, and Digital Advice Strategy.

    Our design experts have a true passion for detail. They follow your style guides to ensure that your SMARTASSISTANT digital sales assistants stay in line with your web presence and seamlessly integrate into your shop's look and feel.

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  • Integrate

    Tadaah! Your assistants are ready to work for you.

    But first, we need to make sure that they can be found by your customers, support them in their journey to purchase and create maximum positive impact.

    We analyze your store concept and visitor flow to prepare individual recommendations for integration in the top navigation, sub-navigation, or after-search navigation, on category overview pages, subcategory pages, as regular teaser banners or interactive advisor banners,...

    There are countless options. Together with you, we'll find out what works best for your shoppers.

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Discover the Solutions

The SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice solutions help you to inspire, advise and support customers throughout different stages of the customer lifecycle.

Start the solution advisor

Ready for the next level?

Speak with our Digital Advice experts to see how digital sales assistants help you drive sales on digital channels.

Request a demo
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  • Optimize

    Thank you and goodbye? Well, not quite.

    We keep an eye on your assistants' performance and continually improve and update them based on new findings and changes in buying behavior.

    Detailed statistics constantly provide us with a view of key performance figures and user behavior. Through this, we know where an untapped potential for optimization lies.

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