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SMARTASSISTANT Announces 3. Digital Advice Live! 2017 in London


Become your customer's trusted advisor!

T-Mobile, Miele, Evans Cycles and Swisscom among the companies demonstrating how Digital Advice helps deepen customer engagement at the September conference in London

London, UK - Digital transformation forces businesses to look for new ways to engage and support consumers to guide them to the right product or solution.

The way Digital Advice is being used by international brands and retailers to enhance the customer experience by simplifying decision-making will be showcased at the 3. Digital Advice Live! conference on 21st September 2017 in London, UK.

Organised by leading Digital Advice technology provider SMARTASSISTANT and the industry blog Guided, the conference will include keynote talks by T-Mobile USA’s VP of digital growth and acquisition Peter Francis and Global Futures and Foresight chief executive David A. Smith, who will explain how and why companies should harness technology to become trusted advisors in the eyes of potential customers.

Miele’s Eléna Helfberend, Evans Cycles’ Ben Hart, Swisscom’s Stephanie Maeder, Trek Bicycle’s Curtis Bice and Tamara Dutina of Beko are also lined up to give delegates exclusive insights into how Digital Advice is supporting their organizations’ digital transformation strategies, deepening customer engagement and improving the customer experience.

Explore the full agenda

SMARTASSISTANT CEO Markus Linder said: “As shopping behavior evolves it’s necessary for brands to evolve with it. Digital Advice Live! is the event companies must attend if they are eager to create better experiences for their shoppers.

“Becoming the customer’s ‘trusted advisor’ will be crucial for retailers as we go into 2018, and all attendees will learn how to use Digital Advice in different forms to make that happen.”

Delegates who have yet to sign up for Digital Advice Live! can get their tickets here. The first five applicants using the code PICK5DIGITAL17 receive 50% off the full ticket price.