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Computed Attributes

Jacek Wojciechowski
Jacek Wojciechowski
VP Software Development

Create Rich, Consistent, and Meaningful Product Details with Computed Attributes


Added-value services such as site search, filters, and digital advice can only be as good as the underlying data.

Meaningful product information is nothing short of necessary if you want to ensure that people can search and find the right products and solutions, make informed decisions with confidence, and experience a consistent, relevant, and positive interaction with your business.

Users demand rich and accurate information. Your goal should be to offer customer-ready product information that is fully-attributed and meaningful not to you, but to your visitors.

However, data management faces many challenges: teams have to spend a great deal of time to consolidate, compile, and update product data manually on a regular basis to make it customer-ready. This can get messy really quickly.


With Computed Attributes, SMARTASSISTANT's Product Tagging Feature, you can quickly, intelligently, and automatically create rich and meaningful product information for increased usability and a better overall experience:

  • Enhance products with meaningful tags and information to optimize product traceability
  • Enable flexible product categorization based on the terminology your visitors use
  • Create intuitive and need-based product information
  • Quick management and tagging of thousands of pieces of product data
  • Increase the quality of your digital advisors, site search, and filters
  • Better user satisfaction and reduced bounce rate
  • More flexibility and independence for business users (Marketing, Product managers, etc.)



Computed Attributes

Note: This feature is disabled by default. Please inform your SMARTASSISTANT representative if you wish to have access to this feature.


  1. Once enabled, the user interface can be reached from the Data screen by selecting the product collection and clicking on Computed Properties.


  2. To add a new Computed Property, click on the ‘Add Computed Properties’ button and specify the name and value type of your new data property in the dialog.


  3. Once the Computed Attribute is created, you can start defining a computation rule for it. In this dialog, you can define the characteristics of your new attribute

    Example: the screensize of a Gaming Laptops must be larger than 15.6 inches, it must have an Intel processor and the battery must last for at least 8 hours without charging


  4. You can define as many intelligent attributes as you need


  5. The new computed attributes are treated like a standard attributes and will be integrated into your product data feed.

    It is automatically updated each time new products are added and can be immediately used in your digital advisors and on your website.



With SMARTASSISTANT's intelligent computed attributes, you can create more meaningful labels for your products and are able to quickly create helpful, need-oriented digial advisors.


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