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Contextual Decision Paths

Jacek Wojciechowski
Jacek Wojciechowski
VP Software Development

Define contextual decision paths with ease

SMARTASSISTANT allows you to create individual advisor flows based on a user’s context.

This means that you can dynamically display only those question and answer options that are relevant to the user's previous selections.

Have a look a this example for office chairs:

The path for users who have selected "Executive Chair" looks different than the path for those who have selected "Stool"

While setting up different paths manually with SMARTASSISTANT works in many cases, it is not always suitable. If your domain is complex and you need to setup multiple contextual decision paths, this can get complex pretty quickly.

In these cases, the SMARTASSISTANT Contextual Decision Path feature lets you create contextual paths automatically.


How does it work?

After each user interaction, SMARTASSISTANT computes the current decision path, compares it with the available values in the data source, and displays only the answer options that are relevant to the user's current context and selection.

In the chair example above, you would only have to create the second question in the path once. The answer options that are not relevant would be hidden automatically.

This reduces complexity and maintenance effort for you as you create or edit your digital advisors. To ensure an optimal experience, this feature is useful, if

  • you want to hide answer options that apply to sold out products
  • you want to prevent users from making invalid combination of selections
  • you want to adapt / reduce the number of answer options dynamically

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