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Be the Point of Decision

Easy does it. Shoppers today crave convenience, simplicity, and frictionless experiences. Don't make them jump through hoops to make a purchase decision. Instead, offer digital expert advice that makes it easy for shoppers to stay in control, manage their options, and arrive at more confident purchase decisions - 24/7.

With SMARTASSISTANT you can make choosing easier and in turn boost sales & loyalty.


Encourage purchase decisions
with interactive Guided Selling solutions

Given the sheer number of choices that people are faced with today, it's becoming more difficult to make confident purchase decisions.

SMARTASSISTANT Guided Selling helps you to create fluid experiences that make choosing the right product so much easier.

Like a knowledgeable sales associate, your digital advisors listen to shoppers to understand specific needs and educate them throughout the process.

Intuitive, step-by-step questions quickly lead them to the right products and solutions.

Guide buyers to a purchase decision:

  • Understand needs
  • Point out direct benefits of your products or solutions
  • Recommend suitable products or solutions
  • Explain why a product or solution is best for their unique situation
  • Sell on value and benefits rather than price
  • Encourage the next step or action
Build your own advisor
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Assist your sales associates
during customer conversations

Having perfectly informed sales associates in the store
is not always a viable option.

Complex offerings make it difficult for sales associates to identify the most suitable solutions for customers at an acceptable speed.

With the SMARTASSISTANT Tablet Assisted Sales Solution, you can assist sales associates throughout the entire sales process.

Increase the likelihood of a purchase by empowering your associates to share knowledgeable expert advice. Equip them with digital advisors on tablets and help them to be more confident and convincing.

Tip: Connect your digital advisor to your checkout system, let it generate a pickup code, or send an order email to complete the purchase on the spot.

Omnichannel Solutions
Client - Gunther Hahn

"SMARTASSISTANT is a great tool to communicate our brand-specific product benefits, increase our shoppers' purchasing confidence, and up-sell. We've generated increased revenues by up 43% where shoppers used our product advisors."

Gunther Hahn, Director E-Commerce - Medion

Deliver personalized
and tailored experiences

Show that you are listening and
don't ask the same question twice.

The future of commerce is need-based personalization. Regardless of the business you're in, tailoring the experience according to shopper's wants and needs has become commonplace.

With SMARTASSISTANT you can use explicit user input and known preferences from previously completed digital advisors to deliver undeniably personal experiences. 

Make better recommendations based on a better understanding of a shopper's interests, lifestyle, attitudes, and opinions.

Get started today
guided selling personalization
Sell without selling.
Convince without being pushy.

The SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice solutions for Commerce and Sales help you make choosing easier, drive purchase decisions, become their favorite place to shop (Point of Decision) and keep customers come back.

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Need-based Filters

Don't force users to research technical product features before narrowing down their options.

With SMARTASSISTANT, you can easily and flexibly define more meaningful, need- and usage-oriented filters that are aligned with the users’ mental model.

Product Comparison

The SMARTASSISTANT standalone product comparison functionality lets you integrate easily accessible, category-specific product comparison tables across your site.

Product bundles

Do you want to encourage customers to purchase multiple items together?

With SMARTASSISTANT Product Bundles you can recommend bundle items and decide whether you want the bundles to be pre-configured or generated dynamically and intelligently.

Gift finders

Gift shopping can be incredibly frustrating for shoppers. SMARTASSISTANT digital gift finders are the answer for businesses that want to help shoppers discover, choose, and purchase the perfect gifts for any occasion, whether it be for family members, friends, or colleagues.

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Guided Selling to create pleasant experiences
for many happy returns

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