Giving Back

Are you doing social good for people or communities?
Use SMARTASSISTANT for free and improve your Services

The SMART Initiative

We believe in adding value to the communities we work and live in and
embrace the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition to providing monetary support to organizations that align with our values, we encourage and empower our team members
to donate their time volunteering in the community.

The SMART Initiative is a cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility activities.
It focuses on providing our technology, supporting organizations, and creating benefits for communities.

How it works


We Provide The Technology

If your organization is actively involved in social or environmental causes, we allocate up to 10% of our available cloud resources and share our technology with you to help you improve your services with SMARTASSISTANT.
The best part: IT'S FREE.


You Share Your Advice

You can use SMARTASSISTANT to create interactive advisors and share your expert advice in new and exciting ways. Create advisors that help your clients or visitors select the right information and enhance the performance of your organization.


Together, We Create Benefits

Sharing our technology and expertise enables you to optimize your service to the community and drives us to constantly explore, develop, and implement new paths to continually apply our technology in meaningful ways.

This initiative addresses international and local NGOs, NPOs, charitable organizations, and non-commercial, private initiatives.


Example 1: Support services
You offer varied social or environmental services? Help your website visitors choose suitable support services or support groups within your organization based on their individual situation and needs - in an easy and quick way.
Example 2: Volunteer work
There are many good reasons to volunteer, and many people want to donate their time to serve their community, but have troubles finding the perfect match. Help volunteers find opportunities within your organization that are a good fit for both of you.
Example 3: Education
You are an expert in the field of education? Offer interactive advice and guidance to help people choose the right course, study, workshop, training or academic institution that matches their interests, expectations, and goals.
...And many more
Just think of your organization. How can you make it easier for your visitors to access relevant information or services by sharing your expert advice?
Tell us about it and start building your own interactive advisors.