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Create Better Customer Service Experiences

Customers don't do 9 to 5. They expect to receive customer service and support whenever a question or issue pops up.

With SMARTASSISTANT you can make sure that your customers can quickly discover helpful information.
Digitize your customer care and customer service to diminish contact center frustrations and greatly improve the customer service experience.


Offer Self-Support and Self-Help

Interact with your customers more effectively.

The more you can digitize the experience, the more satisfied these modern customers will be.

McKinsey and Company found that by digitizing customer care, customer satisfaction could be raised by 33% while cutting costs by 25-35%.

With SMARTASSISTANT Self-Support advisors, your customers are guided through an interactive Q&A flow through which they can find answers to their questions and resolve issues much quicker.

Preempt unnecessary call volumes and reduce low-level, repetitive calls to live agents, making them more efficient and allowing them to focus on solving issues that truly require human contact.

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"The core mantra of LUNA Sandals is "thoughtful simplicity". Our customers love our sandals for the simplicity of design, ease of use and the amount of thought that goes into each and every pair. We owe it to our customers to offer the same thoughtful simplicity with our purchasing process. SMARTASSISTANT allows us to focus on each customer, simplify his or her decision-making process, and increase confidence in the choices made."

Ted McDonald, Founder & President - LUNA Sandals
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Improve your Service
with Guided Troubleshooting

Traditional troubleshooting methods
are often static and ineffective.

They come with long troubleshooting times, frequent problem escalations, high turnover, staffing requirements, and agent training costs.

This leads to increased expenses and customer dissatisfaction.

SMARTASSISTANT Guided Troubleshooting helps you to empower and train your agents. They are guided through a step-by-step process to quickly diagnose a problem, identify its root cause, and select the right solution or fix.

Tip: The solution can be used online and offline to support mobile service agents.

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Digitize your Customer Service
for more satisfying service experiences.

The SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice solutions for Customer Service help you to improve the customer service experience, reduce costs, and increase problem resolution rates.

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Interactive Call Scripting
Guide agents and provide them with additional suggestions and hints as they interact with your customer.
Contact Center Module
Connect your digital advisors with your existing contact center solution through customized interfaces.
CRM Connector
Integrate customer service advisors with your CRM system to enrich existing profiles.
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Start with a 30-day free trial to explore how SMARTASSISTANT Platform works. You'll be surprised how quickly you can build, launch and optimize your digital advisors.
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Schedule a guided demo with our Digital Advice experts. They will take a look at your specific requirements, answer your questions, and will help you define a sustainable Digital Advice strategy.
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Faster answers mean happier customers

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