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Where are your offices?

We have regional offices in Vienna, New York, Sunnyvale, London, and Wroclaw.

Visit our contact page to find a local office near you.

I want to join your team. How can I apply?

The easiest way is to apply via our careers page. There you'll find all open positions and can apply directly to those that interest you.

How do you hire future team members?

At SMARTASSISTANT, we hire curious talents who have unique perspectives: people who want to learn and grow with us. In most cases, this involves 3 steps:

1) Application review - Our recruiters review your application and if it is a good fit, they will schedule a call with you to tell you more about the position. They will also provide you with tips on how to prepare for the next step. Depending on the position we are looking to fill, this can involve working on a short assignment or sample tasks.

2) Video call / Onsite interview - This meeting with your potential manager gives us a chance to get to know you and will last around 30-60 minutes. Feel free to ask some questions and learn more about the role.

3) Decision - After the meeting, the hiring team will review your application and interview. If they recommend a hire, you may be asked for references by former employers. In some cases, the management team may want to get to know you and will schedule a 30 minute follow-up call with you. You'll be able to learn more about the company's vision and goals. If the hire has been approved, we will make you an offer.

We are always aiming at making the process as fast and easy as possible, which is why the steps might vary slightly depending on the position. Give it a shot!

I'd like to feature SMARTASSISTANT in an article. What's the best route for doing so?

The direct route is the best route.

Simply contact us via the contact form and let us know about your plans and how we can support you

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