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Does SMARTASSISTANT support product bundles?

With SMARTASSISTANT Product Bundles you can display bundle items and have the flexibility to decide whether you want the bundles to be pre-configured or generated dynamically.

I want to use digital advisors at the POS. Where can I get the devices from?

We partner with leading providers of retail point-of-sale and kiosk integrated systems. Have a look at our partner network or contact us for more information.

Does SMARTASSISTANT work on a mobile device?

Responsive designs make sure that SMARTASSISTANT digital advisors work on tablets and smartphones. Whenever the screen is resized, the product advisor adapts smoothly for an excellent, consistent user experience across all devices and channels.

We are a company that operates in several countries. How much effort is required to translate our digital advisors?

Very little! You can use the in-place advisor editing feature of SMARTASSISTANT. Just select the element you would like to translate, define the source and the target languages, and translate the element.

If you need to translate multiple elements in several advisors, you can export the advisor content in the XLIFF format (XML Localisation Interchange File Format), an XML-based format, to translate the elements with a translation software. The translated XLIFF files can then be uploaded back to SMARTASSISTANT.

Can I see the reports of answered questions?

SMARTASSISTANT comes with powerful analytics as well as data monitoring, process monitoring, and behavior monitoring capabilities to tell you not only what your customers choose, but also why they choose as they do.

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