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Create Experiences that Stick

Customers are in the driver's seat and seek personalized interactions with their favorite companies.
It is vital that you listen to them and understand their needs to be able to deliver tailored marketing messages.

With SMARTASSISTANT you can create compelling product quizzes to stand out and get the attention of your audience.


Engage your audience
and guide them to the next stage

People want to interact, and people love to talk about themselves.

Whether you have a new product to promote, a new solution to show off, or a traffic goal you want to reach, an online marketing campaign will be part of your strategy.

With SMARTASSISTANT Online Advisor Campaigns, you can integrate digital advisor that compel your audience to pay attention right from the start. 
Quizzes, self-assessments, and product configurators are popular and meaningful tools to engage your audience.

  • Engage your audience in an activity
  • Educate about your unique selling features (7.5x more effective than passive content)
  • Motivate people to take an action
  • Drive traffic to your website
Build your Quiz
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lead generation guided selling

Attract and
convert qualified leads

Lead Generation is a huge part of a marketer's job.

It can be quite demanding to come up with new pieces of content to attract potential customers. 

That's where SMARTASSISTANT Lead Generation Advisors with an integrated lead capture form come in.

Convert qualified leads directly from your advisor result page and send notifications to your team or push the lead data into your CRM solution. 

  • Guide decision-making
  • Gain insight into the prospects' needs
  • Design more personalized follow-up interactions
  • Accelerate the sales cycle and improve lead generation
See how it works
Client - Francesco Ferreri

"To create a more engaging mobile experience and offer effortless shopping, we decided to use SMARTASSISTANT's Swipe Advisor interface design for our existing Living Style Advisor. Our goal is to make it easier and more fun for mobile shoppers to discover and explore interesting items on the go."

Francesco Ferreri, Senior Project Manager E-Commerce Competence Center - OTTO

Deliver consistent
messages and experiences

People measure each interaction with your brand against their expectations.

Achieving brand consistency is vital.

However, retail or business partners may promote a brand-agnostic message that fails to point out your brand-specific benefits the way you would.

Through SMARTASSISTANT Advisor Syndication, you can create a digital advisor and syndicate it across your distribution and channel partner networks easily.

  • Engage potential customers in your own undiluted, cohesive brand voice
  • Promote a consistent and compelling brand value proposition
  • Offer adequate customer education, guidance, and advice to help people decide and purchase
See a demo
advisor syndication guided selling
Make your Marketing livelier,
more personal, and more engaging. 

The SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice solutions for Marketing support you in your goal of attracting your audience, increasing engagement, boosting traffic, and improving your conversion rate.

Download the Product Overview
CRM Connector
The CRM Connector enables you to move data from an advisor questionnaire into your CRM system (such as Salesforce or Marketo) to enrich existing profiles.
Product Comparison
The SMARTASSISTANT standalone product comparison functionality lets you integrate easily accessible, category-specific product comparison tables across your site.
Use known preferences and other relevant data from previously completed digital advisors or existing customer profiles to personalize the advisor flows on the fly for each customers.
Understand the motivation behind decisions and be the first to know whenever shopper trends and behaviors are changing.
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Strengthen your relationship with your customers

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