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Experiment at the University of Goettingen shows the potential of point-of-sales-product advisor solutions


The SMARTASSISTANT-solution is already in successful use within the Multi-Channel-Context: on different devices, in call-centres and at the Point-of-Sales.

The positive effect of online-product advice in brick-and-mortar stores is evidenced by a recent experiment that was conducted by the University Goettingen and in cooperation with xplace ( In a simulated hardware store scenario, several test persons were asked to look for a screwdriver, while receiving support by a SMARTASSISTANTdigital sales advisor on a tablet PC:

- 50.6% of the respondents were of the opinion that the advisory-tool offers a high level of service quality.
- Two third of the respondents said that a hardware store with such an advisory tool would offer them a higher level of service quality compared to hardware stores without such a tool.
- Almost 90% of the respondents had a positive attitude towards the use of the advisory tool.
- About 80% of the participants felt confident about making a purchase decision after using the product advisor.

Despite the laboratory setting, the significant outcome of the study shows the great potential of these solutions. Further information and reports concerning the study can be requested at