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In the Spotlight: Picking the right Sandals with Luna Sandals' Footwear Picker

luna sandals product finder

Running barefoot?  Luna Sandals are as close as you can get...  

Luna Sandals  is a Seattle based company that has grown in the last several years from a couple of guys making sandals in a garage, to a small company selling sandals all over the world. The locally-owned company hand makes ultra-lightweight, minimalist sandals, which are ideal for road running, trail running, walking, and trekking.

Selling a niche product and expanding the number of Luna models on rack created a significant problem for Luna Sandals and its customers.


irem gurgolu luna sandals

"As we grew our business and range of models, it started getting harder and harder for customers to choose the right sandal for their activity."
Irem Guroglu,  Director of Sales and Business Development at Luna Sandals



With traditional filter options and search functionalities not offering the necessary customer support, Luna Sandals turned to Zuvoo. Irem credits Zuvoo as being the answer to their needs. It took the Luna Sandals team only a couple of hours to create the questions, answers, and business logic for their Sandals picker. Their customers can run through a 2 minute questionnaire and  "now are able to find and choose exactly what they need, compare products and buy".  

luna sandals finder
Try the finder and get inspired:  Which Luna are you?