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Smart Technology for Smart People

SMARTASSISTANT Platform gives you a powerful, easy-to-use, off-the-shelf solution
to launch digital advisors in no time and without the usual hassle!

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Advisor - Upload Product Data

Connect your Product Data Feed

In a first step, connect a single data feed (CSV or XML) that contains structured information about your products or services. With SMARTASSISTANT, you can add it via FTP, Webservice or upload it manually. 

Most CMS and shop systems allow you to export the data feed quickly.

See an example file

Once you've connected your data, integrated data transformation and cleaning services ensure that your data is consistent. 

Update schedulers keep your data synced and always up-to-date (e.g. adding new products or updating prices automatically) 

create digital advisor with SMARTASSISTANT
create questions and answers
define smart rules
decision path recording
adding infotexts

Build your Digital Advisor

Create questions, answers and record simple or complex interaction flows with the integrated visual editor. You can immediately see how the advisor will look like.

Drag and drop elements to adapt your advisors without touching the code.
No programming skills required!

Some of the things you can do:

  • add and edit new questions and answers manually 
  • auto-generate questions and answers from the available data
  • rearrange elements via drag-and-drop
  • create simple and complex decision rules
  • design different advice paths
  • add educational content

We also provide standard advisor templates for selected domains to help you get started.


Easy to design and customize

Get creative and use HTML and CSS to style every element of your advisor according to your liking - or jumpstart with one of the available, fully responsive advisor themes.

SMARTASSISTANT lets you do your thing and make your advisor look exactly how you want it to.

More about the Design editor


Translate advisor - SMARTASSISTANT

Speak in the language of your visitors

You can translate your advisor into multiple languages using the in-place translation module or the translation upload service (via XLIFF, a popular localization interchange format). 

Adapt the questions and answers, define different currencies or connect a different data feeds to make sure that your advisor meets the expectations of your customers in different countries.

digital advisor desktop
digital advisor mobile
digital advisor store kiosk touchscreen
digital advisor chatbot virtual assistant

Share digital advice anywhere
and everywhere

Take it live! Drop in a few lines of Javascript code on your site or benefit from our seamless integrations with popular e-commerce shop platforms to publish your digital advisors with a few clicks. 

Your digital advisors can be integrated into your

  • website
  • mobile sites and apps
  • in-store kiosks and on touch screens
  • chatbots interfaces

Versioning support allows you to preserve, retrieve, and restore multiple variants of your advisors.

Should something should go wrong, you can always revert to a previous version.

digital advisor desktop
A/B Tester

Monitor, Learn and Optimize

Building an advisor is one thing, but maintaining and optimizing it is equally important. Without sufficient support this can be a real challenge.

SMARTASSISTANT comes with an integrated A/B variant tester and analytics support. It lets you measure the success of your advisor, learn what your visitors care about, and discover potential for optimization. 

Quickly set up A/B tests, optimize your advisor to improve engagement, deliver the best choosing experience, and increase your goal conversion.

Intelligent Matching
The Smart Decision engine analyzes the user's input and applies a variety of configurable algorithms to make relevant recommendations. This means more flexibility, no manual matching and more time for you!
Multimedia content
Integrate informative content to educate your visitors through infotexts, audio or video as you advise them. Explain features and individual benefits to increase the decision confidence.
Complex decision paths
The advisor adapts dynamically based on the user' selection. This way, your advisor only asks relevant questions.
Customizable Interface
Design themes and an easy-to-use design editor allow you to customize the interface and interaction design according to your liking.
Responsive Design
By default, SMARTASSISTANT advisors are responsive and integrate seamlessly in an omnichannel environment.
Analytics and Optimization
Advisor analytics and the integrated A/B variant tester allow you to see just how well your digital advisors are performing.
Seamless integration
SMARTASSISTANT integrates with 3rd party solutions (e-commerce platforms, call to action implementations, marketing automation solutions,..) to let you get the best of all worlds.
Stable and Scalable
A stable and scalable technology foundation ensures high performance and speed of your advisors.

The Easiest Way
To Build Digital Advisors

All the features you need, out of the box

The SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice Suite is offered as a SaaS solution, which removes complexity and lets you get started quickly to see results quickly - without straining your IT resources.

Start Fast, Work Smart!

We keep rolling out innovative automation features and enhancements to make it even easier for you to build and manage your intelligent advisors.

Start today!

Anatomy of a Digital Advisor

The conversational, interactive, dynamic, informative, and smart way to guide decision-making

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Take SMARTASSISTANT for a spin and see for yourself.

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